2009: trip to Canada, start taking the master degree in engineering this summer

2008: Educated as an engineer in Architect
Got a job as a school teacher in Denmark where I taught design and Physic for 15 years old kids.
Teaching kids (13-15 years old) basket.
Snowboard trip to France
And again I spend one week in Sweden, teaching kids kids (15-16 years old) from a Danish senior
school, how to snowboard            

2007: Studying Architect and engineering
Worked for the architect company where I visualized projects in 3d.
Snowboard trip to Norway
Spend one week in Sweden, where I taught kids (15-16 years old) from a Danish senior school, how
to snowboard
Got a summer job as a robot teacher in Legoland

2006: Studying Architect and engineering, snowboard trip to Austria.

2005: Took the Austria snowboard instructor exam
Went to Westendorf in 3 months where I worked as an instructor for the
Worked as a substitute in a class for learning handicapped children.
Worked as a lifeguard in the summer.
Began Studying architect and engineering.

2004: Helped writing a physic teaching book for young kids.
Went on a skiing holiday to Norway, Switzerland and France.
Took lifeguard exam and worked as a lifeguard.
Started studying economic, but stopped after half a year.

2003: Educated as a student
Went half a year to a drawing and outdoor school.


Mathematical student Grindsted gymnasium

Austria snowboard instructor download exam

bachelor Aalborg universiti